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Bet Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum


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Nile satis nisi optimum is the Everton FC motto; translate this from Latin to English - it means, "nothing but the best. Bet Everton and get, nothing but the best! The boys in blue and white are one of the best supported football clubs in England, but just because you don't live in the UK does not mean you can't be an Everton fan. Since the advent of betting exchanges in the early 2000's this team has picked up avid footie fans from all over the world. They all get a chance to bet Everton by examining the odds at online sports betting sites and so too can you.

There is no football stadium quite like Goodison Park when it is full; but we all can't always be there where the action is live, to place a sports bet Everton. Bet Everton online or from the convenience of your mobile phone or iPhone and watch the match from home, or wherever you happen to be at the time. They come up against one of the Big Four again on the 23rd April - over the Easter weekend, when they play Manchester United. If you are planning a weekend away, you can still bet Everton online!

It all began for this team; playing on a crudely marked park-pitch while carrying on the goalposts, and there wasn't always 40 000 fans cheering them on. The St Domingo Methodist Church Sunday School opened its doors in May 1870 and just eight years after that date, the football team was born. Initially they were called St Domingo's FC and they fast established a good reputation locally. The change in the name to Everton FC was precipitated in November 1879 as the team recruited players from outside the parish. Bet Everton and you will therefore also be placing a wager on a brand with a long and well established history. It is also interesting to note that this football pitch was used for cricket in the summer season. Their colours were initially black and red, and their nickname was "the Black Watch", then in the 1901-02 season they established the royal blue and white kit.

Tuck this little piece if information away if you are a fan, it might be required for a bet Everton proposition one day, as proposition wagers are popular in the world of the football betting fan. Popular wagers are in the Premier League and to bet Everton may include:

  • bet The first goal - who will score first in the game; generally the players name and this is a "straight" bet
  • The Outcome of the Match - Bet Everton for a home or away win, draw or loss; this is another straight bet.
  • Not that any fan would generally bet Everton for a loss!
  • Time of the first goal - predict this correctly, the wager is generally valid for either team.
  • Halftime score - a straight wager again as you bet Everton; this wager is tough but can be paired with a double chance.

There are also various permutations, futures and other bets too. The better the bookmaker, the broader the fan base, this means more options to bet Everton for you. If you like gambling money, we advise you to discover 777 website!



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