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Nile satis nisi optimum is the Everton FC motto; translate this from Latin to English - it means, "nothing but the best. Bet Everton and get, nothing but the best! The boys in blue and white are one of the best supported football clubs in England, but just because you don't live in the UK does not mean you can't be an Everton fan. Since the advent of betting exchanges in the early 2000's this team has picked up avid footie fans from all over the world. They all get a chance to bet Everton by examining the odds at online sports betting sites and so too can you.

There is no football stadium quite like Goodison Park when it is full; but we all can't always be there where the action is live, to place a sports bet Everton. Bet Everton online or from the convenience of your mobile phone or iPhone and watch the match from home, or wherever you happen to be at the time. They come up against one of the Big Four again on the 23rd April - over the Easter weekend, when they play Manchester United. If you are planning a weekend away, you can still bet Everton online!

It all began for this team; playing on a crudely marked park-pitch while carrying on the goalposts, and there wasn't always 40 000 fans cheering them on. The St Domingo Methodist Church Sunday School opened its doors in May 1870 and just eight years after that date, the football team was born. Initially they were called St Domingo's FC and they fast established a good reputation locally. The change in the name to Everton FC was precipitated in November 1879 as the team recruited players from outside the parish. Bet Everton and you will therefore also be placing a wager on a brand with a long and well established history. It is also interesting to note that this football pitch was used for cricket in the summer season. Their colours were initially black and red, and their nickname was "the Black Watch", then in the 1901-02 season they established the royal blue and white kit.

Tuck this little piece if information away if you are a fan, it might be required for a bet Everton proposition one day, as proposition wagers are popular in the world of the football betting fan. Popular wagers are in the Premier League and to bet Everton may include:

  • bet The first goal - who will score first in the game; generally the players name and this is a "straight" bet
  • The Outcome of the Match - Bet Everton for a home or away win, draw or loss; this is another straight bet.
  • Not that any fan would generally bet Everton for a loss!
  • Time of the first goal - predict this correctly, the wager is generally valid for either team.
  • Halftime score - a straight wager again as you bet Everton; this wager is tough but can be paired with a double chance.

There are also various permutations, futures and other bets too. The better the bookmaker, the broader the fan base, this means more options to bet Everton for you. If you like gambling money, we advise you to discover 777 website!


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Considered as one of the most famed card games by gaming enthusiasts, online blackjack games beat the record of the most popular games on the Internet. These games do drive players into a world that is both fun and exciting. Compared to a land-based casino’s blackjack, e-blackjack game offers players an unparalleled discovery of a thrilling and dynamic game; simple as it appears at the beginning, it gradually grows in speed, requiring a perfect control of several strategies.

Anyway, online, players can learn and initiate the playing tips, practice and get familiar with the rules and techniques with the free blackjack game. In blackjack game online, several players take part in the competition; the playing skills of those online casino fans vary according to their respective levels. The game will take a whole new dimension with some sites that offer no deposit bonus casino.


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Online High stakes poker games are running at a breakneck pace. And poker pro Chris Moorman has disappeared from the game for months now. The last time he won a Triple Crown dated back earlier this year. Apart from the WPT LA Poker Classic’ title, he virtually won nothing at all. Thankfully, earlier this week, this UK poker pro hit another Triple Crown in a series of poker tournaments including the “Sunday High Roller-Winamax”.

Actually this is the 21st time he clinched victory in that tournament series. Here are some points to be considered in order to win the Poket Fives Triple Crown: “a player must win three multi-table tournaments from three different sites within seven day period. And each tournament must have at least 100 players, the prize of which must amount to at least $ 10,000”.  When considering these requirements, we can clearly say that grabbing a Triple Crown is not within the reach of ordinary poker players.


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Last weekend, it was proven by Alysia Montano, 8 months pregnant, that pregnancy should not prevent a woman to continue practicing her usual sport. In fact, she participated in the last American Athletics Championships 2014 and ran 800 meters with the round belly. According to her, a pregnant sportswoman may win on field and betting sites if she remains reasonable. Moreover, physical activity during pregnancy is good for health. The latest US athletics championships were held in late June with mobile gambling accompanying it and were marked by the participation of Alysia Montano, who is currently eight months pregnant.

The athlete has fully performed her 800 meters in 2 minutes and a few. Five times winner of the USA athletics, she never ceased to practice and continued to take part in major competitions while she is pregnant. This feat of Alysia Montano this past weekend confirmed the words of the obstetrician gynecologist by which sports are not incompatible with pregnancy and in any way, they generate nor miscarriage neither premature birth. Instead, sports are beneficial for the child as for the mother and can make her a star in the world of sports betting.


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The World Cup is already an entertaining sporting event to watch but just think about how much more entertaining it is to watch when you have something riding on the outcome of the matches. Not only the individual matches either but the whole tournament. When you gamble on the football online you make it more entertaining to watch. Gambling on the football online makes you want to get more involved in the tournament. It serves to make the competition more entertaining to watch. This is particularly relevant if you are someone who isn’t particularly interested in football but wants to get involved in all of the fun of the World Cup in some level. The great news is that if this sounds like you then it’s going to be easy for you to get involved. With online gambling sites you can create an account and start placing bets immediately. It is very easy to get started. You can gamble as much money as you want and you also get a far better range of odds than what you would at a typical gambling store. Online gambling offers you more options, better odds, and is far easier to get involved in. As long as you have an account you can place bets from anywhere. You can place bets from the comfort of your own home as long as you have an internet connection. Gambling on the football online is very easy and you can start today once you’ve created an account.


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The football World Cup is here and this represents many opportunities for gambling. Sporting events are one of the most popular events to gamble on and there are none bigger than the football World Cup. Many people are used to the typical method of gambling, down at your local brick and mortar kind of gambling store. However, now you can place bets on the football online. This is a far more convenient and easy for the avid punter and even for those people who don’t usually gamble. The convenience and ease of use means that anyone can participate in betting on the football online. It is very simple to get started. All you need is the internet, a device that connects to the internet, and an account with a gambling site. Once you have all of these three things in order you are ready to start placing bets. There are many games to be played throughout this tournament and there are also many bets you can place. If you wanted to place a bet for top goal scorer for the whole tournament it is best that you place your bets for this as soon as possible. Reason being because the deeper we get into the competition, the shorter the odds will get as teams will start to get knocked out of the tournament. So if you wanted to place a bet for top goal scorer you are better doing it during the group stages when the odds will still be favourable. If you want to place a bet on the football online this World Cup create an account with a gambling site and get started. There is plenty of fun to be had and plenty of money to potentially win.

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